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What Is Dead Cat?

Whether you are new to the stock market or a seasoned trader, timing the perfect moment to buy or sell can be a difficult and stressful task. Dead Cat is a Google Chrome Extension that displays the largest daily changes in the NYSE and Nasdaq markets or stocks from your own portfolio while supplying technical indicators for timing a possible bounce or pullback. By default, Dead Cat screens the top five moving stocks (up and down) in the market and compiles technical indicators for each one. Starting with version 1.35, you can now save your own portfolio (up to 10 stocks) to be shown and analyzed each time you start Dead Cat. There is also the ability to search individuals stock tickers if you are curious to see something not shown on Dead Cat's default or your portfolio views.

Dead Cat is for educational purposes only. Nothing displayed in Dead Cat is a recommendation to buy or sell any stock or stock option.

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Indicators Within Reach

Diving head first into the stock market can be overwhelming. While using Dead Cat, observe how technical indicators look in real time as you monitor stocks saved in portfolio, through Dead Cat's default view, or its search feature. Click each technical indicator to study how they work and follow along until you've mastered the ins and outs of the stock market. The more you know the better chance you have to pounce on every opportunity.

What Do I Need?

Customizable Features

Currently, Dead Cat only shows information from Nasdaq and NYSE markets during open market hours while highlighting bullish or bearish signals for each stock ticker's technical indicators. The new portfolio feature will help you narrow down what stocks you want to focus on. In coming updates: As Dead Cat grows, we will open up to crypto currency and be able to show premarket and aftermarket hours. Technical indicators will eventually move to visibile graphs. Support Dead Cat with coffee.

Indicator Alert Examples:

Dead Cat v1.35
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How To Use

Click or tap on a stock to open Dead Cat

Scroll through the technical indicators displayed in the center section

Click or tap the indicator titles to learn more information about each one

Hover above the indicator titles to display bullish or bearish signals below

In the upper left hand corner you can open your portfolio to save your preferred stocks. Open the settings gear icon to choose which view to see every time you open the app.

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